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The Dining Hall at Rancho La Puerta

‘The Ranch’

Last week I had the utmost treat of spending several days at the long standing institute known to its regulars as “The Ranch”. Founded by the legendary Deborah Szekely and her husband in 1940, the fitness spa has attracted thousands of people to its…

Extracting text from PowerPoint files for Natural Language Processing Analysis

PowerPoint Slide Deck Example

From business organizations to school presentations, information is delivered and shared via PowerPoint slide deck presentations. Rich with language, these decks can play a vital role in any natural language processing analysis. …

With over 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide, these videos account for a huge portion of available data in our world. This guide will walk you through how to collect a video’s transcript & clean the text so that it is ready for you to analyze.

Step 1: Save the YouTube Video

A series of indefinite length exploring the wide world of data analysis tools & packages

Alteryx Workflow

About the Series:

I was recently in an interview for a data analyst role when the interview began talking about a package I had never worked with before ‘Alteryx’, and like any nervous job hunter, I panicked. …

An elegant, interactive tool to elevate your text analysis

Data visualizations at their best tell a story with the data that is both compelling to look at and easy to digest. The Scattertext tool created by Jason Kessler (check out the original documentation here) does just that. …

Make any bar chart presentation-ready!

Bargraphs are a ubiquitous data visualization tool, but in their ‘raw’ form they can leave a lot to be desired aesthetically. A clean visual can set a tone for the presentation, hold your audience’s attention, reflect professionalism and create harmony within the information you are trying to deliver. …

A visual guide to available color palettes

Every preset colormap you can use with WordCloud in Python for your perusing — because sometimes the right color makes all the difference.

An end to end guide to building a random forest classifier, identifying top features, and plotting in Plotly.

There is nothing more satisfying after hours of cleaning and modeling your data than producing a beautiful graph to show off your hard work. …

Kristen Davis

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